Boy do I have some great restaurant picks for you. These aren’t the first four picks I’ve provided for Rockville MD, but they are certainly some good ones. It’s great to get a look at what all is out there in terms of the best places to eat in the city. Try out these four restaurants in Rockville if they fit what you are looking for.

Hard Times Cafe is located at 1117 Nelson Street, and it is known for serving up Cincinnati chili. If you’re not familiar, the city of Cincinnnati is known for its chili. Now of course you’re not in Ohio, but it would make for a nice treat. You can also order up burgers, beer and other great eats. If you’re up for some of the best food, Hard Times Cafe would make for a nice little stop.

What about Mediterranean cuisine? Sadaf Halal Restaurant is located at 1327 Rockville Pike, and it is known for its kabobs. Specifically, you can expect to find great Persian food there. People report that the owner is the one that is actually taking orders at the register. I thought that was quite unique, and it reminds me of a sandwich shop that I worked for one summer.

If you want some delicious Chinese food while you’re in Rockville, China Jade is one of your options. China Jade is located at 16805 Crabbs Branch Way, and it features all the favorites. According to the reviews, you can expect authentic Chinese cuisine, and that’s good to know. People say that you can also expect generous helpings.

Zoes Kitchen is a good pick, too, and its location is 12505 Park Potomac Avenue. It’s another place where you can order up kabobs and other delicious Mediterranean food. People say it is a good pick when you’re wanting lunch. If you are in the area and need a lunch break in between enjoying things to do in Rockville, then you might like stopping by Zoes Kitchen for a delicious meal.

Two of the restaurants mentioned serve up delicious Mediterranean food. Then you have Chinese food and a unique cafe that serves up burgers and Cincinnati chili. If you ask me, they can put the Cincinnati chili right on top of the burger. Hey, that might actually be on the menu. I guess you will have to find out if you visit Hard Times Cafe in Rockville MD.